Thursday, 3 October 2013


GOOD MORNING GUISE. It's 3.42 A.M. in the morning and.. well I can't sleep. So I might as well blog about, something. haha.

Family Day at Sentosa!!!!

First location: Festive Hotel (Swimming pool)

My cousin and I in our oversized robes, ready to head into the waters!

So we brought our waterproof cam with us and it was put into good use. It was super fun and interesting filming underwater, and as a first-timer we didn't really know what to do though. WELL, still, a thumbs up!

This is.. me. Taken by my bro hahaha.

And my cousin again! Hahaha. 

Second Location: Siloso Beach

The next day we went out to the beach! For my aunt's company hosted a Family Day, and ours was the one with the most members everrrrr.

I have no idea why its blur, guess the guy who took the photo for us wasn't fond of our cam haha.

My dad's shot of me at Siloso Beach! 

My prize I won at our Running Mad Family game hahaha. Guess what's in the red case? This was actually my cousin's, but she gave it to me and it's one of the most valuable things in the world to me now hehe  The twenty bucks is mine though, a consolation prize for the losing team xD

We planned to enter the Aquarium, but unfortunately there was a obvious longggggg queue and we didn't have time. Like, the line was a killer I swear. I cant even see the end so we're all like, are you kidding us guise wtheck are you people doing it's gonna take a lifetime to get in there

Alright, MOVING ON

 Then mum dad and I went browsing at the souvenirs not far from the aquarium. 

Then, just then, mum and I had our eyes on this absolutely adorable, squishy, fluffy and cuddly octopus plush!!! Like, OMG *.*
So we got it. One for my cousin one for me hahhaha.

Yes, I said I bought it okay and yea my mum bought it for me because I'm awesome bitchez


And lastly, a selca on the day I returned back home. Not very satisfying but,


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Monday, 6 May 2013


A photobomb update! 

My new lamp <3

Coca-cola bottle I got from Holland V.!

I got this from fairprice haha. I simply adore glass bottles.

And cup noodle.. haha yum.

When we went to marine parade again for supper! This was quite a long time ago, btw. At least two months?

The food was great, so right after we had a walk by the beach~ again. haha!

Credits to my bro who fooled me that my face was taken as well..

Mum and Dad~~~~

My family!!:3

My first and ever jump shot with my brother, taken by my aunt!


Bro imitating Ha Ha's signature moves from running man haha!



Bye hahaha.

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(Photos are credited to my aunt, bro and I. Taken with a Nikon DSLR.)


HEYLO GUYS, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN? I shall share one of my essays I did recently and I hope you guys would read it for it's about.. something important and I feel that the world should bear in mind about. It does not have a twisted or surprising storyline, I just felt like sharing it^^ It's marked by my teacher so I'll just write down the corrected version of it, and make a little changes.
And the title is..


The door was pushed back lightly; earning a shriek from the back. The intruder had meant no harm.

"Claire? What are you doing here?" the intruder spoke.

"Michael? Is that really you, Michael?!" her voice shook, hoarse from dehydration. Within the dark cold cell from where she sat, red glowing eyes scattered across the earth; cat-like creatures hovered over the ceiling. Michael helped Claire up. Before she could mutter a word, Michael passed her a bottle of clear, distilled liquid. Having quenched her thirst, they proceeded towards the exit. After exerting all their energy trying to move the huge and heavy oak, it swung its way open. An abandoned refugee camp was set out in the desert in front of them.

"The goods must have been taken away. I don't think we can retrieve it anymore." Michael sighed deeply.

"Well, I'm sure there is a way! I wouldn't want to be captured here for nothing. Let's head over to the camp and see what is left," Claire said as she dusts the dirt off her hands and led the way down. Michael followed, picking up useful materials on the ground.

"Are you sure you're alright, Claire? I reckon you must have been in there for a week! I suggest we better camp here for the night," Michael said worriedly.

"Oh come on, Michael! I'm as strong as a horse! You couldn't have missed that after being partners for years, now, would you?" The woman pats her chest "Trust me, I'm adapting fine." Michael shook his head.

After hours of salvaging, their hard work paid off. The pair got themselves a working torch, two cans of tuna, some clothes, a useful knife, several pieces of rope and a walkie-talkie. They also found some other helpful materials to prepare them for the night. They found a river, surprisingly, not far from the camp. With a wooden stick tied to a sharpened stone they managed to capture multiple fish, shrimps and even crabs for food.

Michael started the fire outside their camp. The heat emphasised the glow of the fire on Michael's face. Another glowing figure appeared and sat down beside him. The sparkling dark scenery fell upon the vast indigo sky.

"It's beautiful," Claire let out a breath. "It has been long since I saw the open sky."

"So, what happened in there?" Michael brought up the question that he had held in since he saw her that afternoon.

"They did not torture me or do anything else to me. The guards fed me with grilled fish and water. I can see that they did not want to hurt anybody," Claire replied. "But they needed the money for a living. Even as an undercover, I feel pity for the people doing this."

"Actually, me too. But doing something illegal would only get them in trouble. We have no choice, but to stop them." Michael admitted.

After the chat, they grilled the food resources tat they got and ate their fill. The moon was seen from behind the clouds. It was time for a good night's sleep.

The next morning, Michael was up early setting up the walkie -talkie. Claire was awaken by the constant muttering of curses. She went over to Michael, to where all those noises were coming from.

"All I need is one last piece of metal wire. Damn it!" the frustrated man kicked the sand.

"Looking for this?" said Claire as she clears her throat and reveals a metal wire from her back pocket.

"You only made it a little more convenient, that's all" Michael scoffed. He grabbed the item from Claire and moved on with his work. Half an hour passed, with Michael finally completing the repair of the device.

"Hello, agent Michael and Claire here. Requesting for assistance. Can anyone hear me? I repeat, can anyone hear me?" Michael echoed into the walkie-talkie. They waited patiently for a reply. There was no response for ten minutes. However if they were to speak again, it might interrupt the signal path. Michael and Claire thought they were losing hope.

Just then, "Agents! Sir Clinton here! I have good news. The illegal immigrants have been caught, along with five billion worth of barking deer skin. Good jobs agents! We are currently sending out people to your rescuer. Stay where you are! Report over." with that, the message cuts off.

"Michael, we did it! Yay! I want to see my husband so badly right now!" Claire turned to Michael and embraced him, like they always do.

"I miss my wife and kids too. We're heading back soon!" Michael pats her back.

A month later, their captain assigned them to another case of illegal smuggling. This time; to America.
The two were then partners till they retired, and continued to spread the knowledge and prevention methods of illegal smuggling.


Wooh end!!!!! Is it good? Hehe. I hope you guys like it, and I, myself would really want to spread this message to please please PLEASE stop illegal smuggling, especially of animal body parts. And also everything else like animal abuse, or mistreating of pets, etc. I mean, the animals have done nothing wrong, only humans. The animals play an important part in our ecosystem and world. Please help to conserve every species and let us all learn to appreciate our world and every creature living in it. :3 

Thankyou for reading!!!^^

I know I'm good.. LOL JOKING HAHA

Anyway yayyyyyyy I finally finished typing all of that omg


(GIFs and pictures are from tumblr, unless otherwise stated.)

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Back to Sungei Lalang for 2 nights~

Hey good afternoon everybodeh~ haha

Apparently I just reached Singapore this morning at 7am, because of the terrible traffic jam because of inconsiderate people who drive ever-so slowly. I mean, there were countless accidents along the way, but all were cleared up to the side, not affecting the traffic at all. I do not understand why some people have to slow down, investigate what happened, before they can move on. I mean, hey, there are people at the back too, you know! You don't own the road fyi.

Anyway, it takes around 9 hours to reach there from Singapore, but this time it took 12 hours... T__T
Okay let's move on to the more happy stuff I encountered there, alright? Okay, let's go~!

Obviously the first picture I took of is my baby cousin. Kenn :3

Gawd, he's such a cutie I wanna bite him

Aww he leaned his head on my shoulder hehe

We woke up early next morning, setting off to the cemetery to "Sau mu" (扫墓 in mandarin)

That day was the day, so there were lots of people there. It was my second time there, and I somehow get the hang of it, like knowing what to do, what not to do and so on..

My bro took a picture of me (Okay that was obvious..)

I didn't really knew what I could help with since all my relatives were already doing what needs to be done...

We had to move on the the next one, but my brother and I was assigned to stand guard at the first one.
My brother spotted a skink my dad failed to catch earlier, and I literally threw myself towards the tiny creature and I finally caught it after many times where the skink swiftly slipped through my fingers with its perfectly smooth-scaled body. Not very easy to catch, I'd say!

And my brother? Well...

Not that impressive considering he uses the plastic bag to catch it and doesn't even dares to touch it with his hands... LOOOOL HAHA

View from uphill!

This is my granddaddy. SAY HI

And my dad. PEACE

After a hot and humid day out there, we settled down into a coffeeshop for our lunch, finally!
All of us haven't eaten since morning and we were really starving like zombies.

Yes my favourite coffeeshop, yes

Afterwards, my granddad took us to his other house to pick up some coconuts he grew himself!
And once again, as always, our dogs barking and barking non-stop the moment our car stops beside them.

And weee, new puppy!!!!

Our other house~~

So we need to open the store to get some dangerous pointy weapons (tools for harvesting the coconuts LOOOOL)

A short drama



Err... okay?

End of drama 
LOL that was lame haha

Moving on~

Snapped some pictures around!

And our 2-month old puppy... DOESN'T HE LOOK LIKE A SHIBA-INU 

Amazing I love Shiba-inus...

As you can see our dogs are munching the coconut away, wow they sure are hungry!

So, bye! Heading back home!

Coconut yummmm


I mean, look at that, juicy, refreshing, tender and silky coconut flesh... GAWD.

Hahaha okay, now, our garden~

The day after, we headed to lunch at my uncle's shop at Sungai Petani! ITS MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE PLACE.

It's nice and cosy, and the food is amazing. Yes, yes, I'm promoting my uncle's shop do you have a problem

This is fu gui chicken noodle soup. I ALWAYS order this whenever I get to eat there.

This too! It's like vermicelli with vinegar. WOWZA

And ja jiang mian!!!

Mmm-mm, yummy! Now heading back home again~

And look at my adorable cousin with my dad's shades on. OMG HEHE

So cute :3

As the sunlight pours in, I snapped a shot of my ring I bought at Chameleon, 313@Somerset!

And also Kenn's plump fluffy fingers hehe

Alrighty, that's the end of this blogpost! Thanks for reading :3