Thursday, 29 November 2012

Belated birthday surprise at work.

So yesterday I went to work as usual, and got closer with some of my new colleagues. Then at around 7-8pm, I saw my mum! She was with my cousin cus she came to Singapore from Johor! I'm like so happy, but I couldn't go out to talk to them, so only after a while after I went for a toilet break. I was clever enough to use that short time to chat with them, and went back. Haha.

So I worked till around 9.30pm, and I wanted to go home. I knew my parents and cousin are waiting for me to drive me home. I do not want to keep them waiting especially when I have nothing to do here. I told my colleague in charge that I want to go off. But he said he have a briefing for us, so I sat there waiting. I do not feel right, and in my mind I only have a thought of going home. So I gave off a frustrated or sort-of tired expression. As if I don't want to stay there any longer. I really regretted showing a face, I didn't really mean to.

So like finally after around 15 minutes, my colleague came back. He's back with a clipboard and started to brief us this and that. I just listened and didn't really pay attention. One of my colleagues came and sat on the table beside me and smiled at me and like, blinked hard while at it. That meant alot cus I really did not expect it! I always thought he's angry at me for something happened last time. Once the briefing ended, I immediately took my bag as I'm preparing to go off anytime soon. I went to the back with my bag and wanted to punch my card out. But in the end my friend wanted me to help her with something (which was super weird because she would never ask me something like that) so I went out again and she asked me where the GD stack of papers are, and I was like, well it's in the basket and I don't know where it went. 

I just turned away and said I want to go home, I want to go off now. But my colleague replied me saying no I cannot leave. And I was like, why??? And he was like, I said no and I mean it, you cannot leave! And I was like, well I don't care. And he was like, Why don't you believe me??!!! (lol)

I went to the back again and I was looking for my card. Suddenly my friend approached me and asked me if I can do DIP??? Which is like, hey why do I have to do something, I thought I could leave already??? Then she pushed me out and I just stood there before the door to the back. I saw my dad and called him, and said that my colleagues wouldn't let me go off!!! My dad was like, Why not??? And he sounded a little angry.


I turned around, and stared at the cake my colleague is holding on to. I had the shock of my life and I don't know how to react at all! So I put down my phone and smiled. I smiled and looked at everyone. I was so touched. They're such sweet people who actually bothered to celebrate my belated birthday as it was the day before yesterday. I almost cried but I held on to my tears. 

Then when it ended, they were like, "Close your eyes, make a wish!!" I did as I was told haha. I wished everyone to be happy:)

Then so I happily ate my cake, and my family came in. They gave some cake to them too! My colleague Jessica then said "That's why I asked you if you liked banana" Cus it was a banana chocolate cake! Haha it tasted great, I mean, it's fantastic baby. Thus after that I had to go home, and said bye to everyone outside before heading to the back to punch out my card. As I went to the back, one of my technicians called me. "Yeapyi" "Yes?" "Come closer" I took a step forward. "Happy birthday" "Thank you haha!" "I'm sorry I didn't prepare anything for you" He said. And I'm like, "Eh?! Haiyoh no need ah! Haha don't need to prepare anything it's okay!!" And he hesitated for a moment but still managed to ask me "So.. Need a hug?" "EHHHH HUG???!! HAHAHA A HUG?!" I was definitely shocked hahahaha. But he was so funny and cute, first time anyone actually said that to me! Haha. After I punched my card, I turned around and was like, "You really wanna hug?" " Erm I, sure? hahaha" Then we opened our arms and hugged. So long since I hugged someone like that! 

You know I wasn't alone with him there, there are still other colleagues around! So another one went, "Wahh, hug him never hug me!" "Okay lah I hug you!" Then I walked towards him and he had his arms opened wide but he's like "Omg really ah omg" Hahahaha which was so damn funny hahaha. All of them are so cute! 

And you know the first guy I hugged, had like such big eyes like super duper humungous and everytime I talk to him, I couldn't look at his eyes cus he looks so pitiful and stuff omg hahahaha. But recently I managed to be bale to tahan so now I'm quite fine haha. I can never take guys with nice big eyes! Another colleague also has large eyes! And god, I could never look straight at them last time haha.

So after that I just went home and today I decided not to work because I'm gonna hangout with my cousin haha.

And one last thing,

Here are some pics I took on my birthday night when I went back to see my colleagues!

I wasn't working, only in the morning. I came back because my colleagues want me to LOL.

This is Jessica she's super cute

This is Shermine and Alan! They're cute too, except for Alan HAHAHA

And me at home with my cute cake. 
Pardon my home clothes which is ridiculous

And cake. Teehee its cheap and nice (I requested for it wooh)

Okay then I think this is all! Thankyou for reading:3
Have a nice day ahead!

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