Monday, 26 November 2012


I love my brother. He is really the closest to me. He may not be the coolest brother I could have, but he's definitely the best. That hilarious bastard is irritating, lame and dumb. But he is also a sweet, loving, playful child. He always try to make me laugh, acting like this and that. I never knew I had such a great brother until I hear my friends telling me about their siblings. Only then I knew that relationships between siblings like my brother and mine, are not usually seen. I now know how to appreciate my family members more too. My parents are no doubt the best parents on Earth. Even with our financial status, they gave my brother and I everything we need. Regardless whether it's love, home, or needs.

This year, I have, for the first time, received so many gifts. Like example not long after the first half of this year, my dad got me a new phone! And then a DSLR. It's so expensive, yet he is wiling to spend it on me. And then my mum, bought alot of clothing and accessories for me too. They spent so much this year. But of course not just this year, like, for the past few years of my life as well.. on me. I felt greatly appreciated and loved by them. We are definitely not rich at all. So, I decided to work to repay them! But of course not just that, but I am very sure they will get what they rightfully will for all their efforts and hardwork.

Last time surviving in Singapore is not easy for my parents. Life was hard. My bro and I thought our family was actually just average when we were young. Only after that then we realised things were not actually that easy.

Years past, and thankfully, things got better. You can never imagine the pain and tiredness my parents endured and overcame. It is really unimaginable. You may not believe me, but well, suit yourself. I just want to share that, whatever we have and become of, is thanks to our parents. Never forget them. You never know what they went through before they had you. You never know they felt. You never know that their lives might have been much more worse than yours. Don't complain. Appreciate.

I'm sure deep down, we all still love them.

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