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HEYLO GUYS, HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN? I shall share one of my essays I did recently and I hope you guys would read it for it's about.. something important and I feel that the world should bear in mind about. It does not have a twisted or surprising storyline, I just felt like sharing it^^ It's marked by my teacher so I'll just write down the corrected version of it, and make a little changes.
And the title is..


The door was pushed back lightly; earning a shriek from the back. The intruder had meant no harm.

"Claire? What are you doing here?" the intruder spoke.

"Michael? Is that really you, Michael?!" her voice shook, hoarse from dehydration. Within the dark cold cell from where she sat, red glowing eyes scattered across the earth; cat-like creatures hovered over the ceiling. Michael helped Claire up. Before she could mutter a word, Michael passed her a bottle of clear, distilled liquid. Having quenched her thirst, they proceeded towards the exit. After exerting all their energy trying to move the huge and heavy oak, it swung its way open. An abandoned refugee camp was set out in the desert in front of them.

"The goods must have been taken away. I don't think we can retrieve it anymore." Michael sighed deeply.

"Well, I'm sure there is a way! I wouldn't want to be captured here for nothing. Let's head over to the camp and see what is left," Claire said as she dusts the dirt off her hands and led the way down. Michael followed, picking up useful materials on the ground.

"Are you sure you're alright, Claire? I reckon you must have been in there for a week! I suggest we better camp here for the night," Michael said worriedly.

"Oh come on, Michael! I'm as strong as a horse! You couldn't have missed that after being partners for years, now, would you?" The woman pats her chest "Trust me, I'm adapting fine." Michael shook his head.

After hours of salvaging, their hard work paid off. The pair got themselves a working torch, two cans of tuna, some clothes, a useful knife, several pieces of rope and a walkie-talkie. They also found some other helpful materials to prepare them for the night. They found a river, surprisingly, not far from the camp. With a wooden stick tied to a sharpened stone they managed to capture multiple fish, shrimps and even crabs for food.

Michael started the fire outside their camp. The heat emphasised the glow of the fire on Michael's face. Another glowing figure appeared and sat down beside him. The sparkling dark scenery fell upon the vast indigo sky.

"It's beautiful," Claire let out a breath. "It has been long since I saw the open sky."

"So, what happened in there?" Michael brought up the question that he had held in since he saw her that afternoon.

"They did not torture me or do anything else to me. The guards fed me with grilled fish and water. I can see that they did not want to hurt anybody," Claire replied. "But they needed the money for a living. Even as an undercover, I feel pity for the people doing this."

"Actually, me too. But doing something illegal would only get them in trouble. We have no choice, but to stop them." Michael admitted.

After the chat, they grilled the food resources tat they got and ate their fill. The moon was seen from behind the clouds. It was time for a good night's sleep.

The next morning, Michael was up early setting up the walkie -talkie. Claire was awaken by the constant muttering of curses. She went over to Michael, to where all those noises were coming from.

"All I need is one last piece of metal wire. Damn it!" the frustrated man kicked the sand.

"Looking for this?" said Claire as she clears her throat and reveals a metal wire from her back pocket.

"You only made it a little more convenient, that's all" Michael scoffed. He grabbed the item from Claire and moved on with his work. Half an hour passed, with Michael finally completing the repair of the device.

"Hello, agent Michael and Claire here. Requesting for assistance. Can anyone hear me? I repeat, can anyone hear me?" Michael echoed into the walkie-talkie. They waited patiently for a reply. There was no response for ten minutes. However if they were to speak again, it might interrupt the signal path. Michael and Claire thought they were losing hope.

Just then, "Agents! Sir Clinton here! I have good news. The illegal immigrants have been caught, along with five billion worth of barking deer skin. Good jobs agents! We are currently sending out people to your rescuer. Stay where you are! Report over." with that, the message cuts off.

"Michael, we did it! Yay! I want to see my husband so badly right now!" Claire turned to Michael and embraced him, like they always do.

"I miss my wife and kids too. We're heading back soon!" Michael pats her back.

A month later, their captain assigned them to another case of illegal smuggling. This time; to America.
The two were then partners till they retired, and continued to spread the knowledge and prevention methods of illegal smuggling.


Wooh end!!!!! Is it good? Hehe. I hope you guys like it, and I, myself would really want to spread this message to please please PLEASE stop illegal smuggling, especially of animal body parts. And also everything else like animal abuse, or mistreating of pets, etc. I mean, the animals have done nothing wrong, only humans. The animals play an important part in our ecosystem and world. Please help to conserve every species and let us all learn to appreciate our world and every creature living in it. :3 

Thankyou for reading!!!^^

I know I'm good.. LOL JOKING HAHA

Anyway yayyyyyyy I finally finished typing all of that omg


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