Sunday, 31 March 2013

Back to Sungei Lalang for 2 nights~

Hey good afternoon everybodeh~ haha

Apparently I just reached Singapore this morning at 7am, because of the terrible traffic jam because of inconsiderate people who drive ever-so slowly. I mean, there were countless accidents along the way, but all were cleared up to the side, not affecting the traffic at all. I do not understand why some people have to slow down, investigate what happened, before they can move on. I mean, hey, there are people at the back too, you know! You don't own the road fyi.

Anyway, it takes around 9 hours to reach there from Singapore, but this time it took 12 hours... T__T
Okay let's move on to the more happy stuff I encountered there, alright? Okay, let's go~!

Obviously the first picture I took of is my baby cousin. Kenn :3

Gawd, he's such a cutie I wanna bite him

Aww he leaned his head on my shoulder hehe

We woke up early next morning, setting off to the cemetery to "Sau mu" (扫墓 in mandarin)

That day was the day, so there were lots of people there. It was my second time there, and I somehow get the hang of it, like knowing what to do, what not to do and so on..

My bro took a picture of me (Okay that was obvious..)

I didn't really knew what I could help with since all my relatives were already doing what needs to be done...

We had to move on the the next one, but my brother and I was assigned to stand guard at the first one.
My brother spotted a skink my dad failed to catch earlier, and I literally threw myself towards the tiny creature and I finally caught it after many times where the skink swiftly slipped through my fingers with its perfectly smooth-scaled body. Not very easy to catch, I'd say!

And my brother? Well...

Not that impressive considering he uses the plastic bag to catch it and doesn't even dares to touch it with his hands... LOOOOL HAHA

View from uphill!

This is my granddaddy. SAY HI

And my dad. PEACE

After a hot and humid day out there, we settled down into a coffeeshop for our lunch, finally!
All of us haven't eaten since morning and we were really starving like zombies.

Yes my favourite coffeeshop, yes

Afterwards, my granddad took us to his other house to pick up some coconuts he grew himself!
And once again, as always, our dogs barking and barking non-stop the moment our car stops beside them.

And weee, new puppy!!!!

Our other house~~

So we need to open the store to get some dangerous pointy weapons (tools for harvesting the coconuts LOOOOL)

A short drama



Err... okay?

End of drama 
LOL that was lame haha

Moving on~

Snapped some pictures around!

And our 2-month old puppy... DOESN'T HE LOOK LIKE A SHIBA-INU 

Amazing I love Shiba-inus...

As you can see our dogs are munching the coconut away, wow they sure are hungry!

So, bye! Heading back home!

Coconut yummmm


I mean, look at that, juicy, refreshing, tender and silky coconut flesh... GAWD.

Hahaha okay, now, our garden~

The day after, we headed to lunch at my uncle's shop at Sungai Petani! ITS MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE PLACE.

It's nice and cosy, and the food is amazing. Yes, yes, I'm promoting my uncle's shop do you have a problem

This is fu gui chicken noodle soup. I ALWAYS order this whenever I get to eat there.

This too! It's like vermicelli with vinegar. WOWZA

And ja jiang mian!!!

Mmm-mm, yummy! Now heading back home again~

And look at my adorable cousin with my dad's shades on. OMG HEHE

So cute :3

As the sunlight pours in, I snapped a shot of my ring I bought at Chameleon, 313@Somerset!

And also Kenn's plump fluffy fingers hehe

Alrighty, that's the end of this blogpost! Thanks for reading :3

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