Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hello guys~ I'm gonna blog about today's day out with my soulmate<3

Alright so we promised to bring each of our cameras, mine is dslr while soulmate's a polaroid. But after reaching jurong point, soulmate suddenly remembered she didn't bring it. So we just bought the film there and head back to gekpoh for breakfast instead. As I ate, soulmate went back home to take her polaroid as she doesn't wanna eat anyway. So while she was gone, I spotted this guy who got me thinking : "What if Michael(a technician at my workplace) put on weight?"You're gonna ask me why I thought this way right? Well its just because the person I saw look like Michael but his size is much more .... YEA YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Haha no offense LOL.

So after I finished my breakfast, we headed back to jurong point to take the train to somewhere I always wanted to bring soulmate to. HOLLAND V.

It's like so relaxing and great and all when I'm there. So I hoped one day I could bring her along! And so I did. We chatted all the way to buona vista before switching to the circle line. We ranted mostly about work though HAHA. Pardon us :B

After we reached, we immediately went into a store that sells clothing that are actually branded, but rejected due to some mistakes in sewing or whatever. But the point is, IT IS SUPER CHEAP OMG.

Here's the one I tried and bought after seeing it on the mannequin! 

Okay please don't mind my bra straps please don't, it's not supposed to be there I'm so sorry

Guess how much that cost? $12.

So anyway yea after that, we took a walk around holland village, and got engrossed into some shops that sell such nice tempting stuff. But first we went to cold storage, and bought some nice stuff:B


The three food items we bought from Cold Storage!

First up, CORNDOG.
Same for soulmate hahaha!

Alright, smile, pose,


Then we saw this super cute and adorable boy!

Managed to fake as if I taking pic of Soulmate hahaha,
and he looked here!

Then after, the Mediterranean jumbo sausage!! It's pork, so sorry it's not halal T_T

Mmm yummy!

And the best for the last, BACON STICKKKKK


So after we ate everything, we took pictures with soulmate's polaroid!!!

Turned out like this hehe~

And pics with my dslr too!!^^

After we packed and and were ready to leave, soulmate spotted a cat by the exercise grounds!

And aww, it laid down for us to pet it!

The cat was coughing quite badly and we knew it was sick. Poor cat :(

Anyway this is random: SOULMATE IS THIN RIGHT, YES

We were shopping, and found a place to sit!

And look at what soulmate bought for me TvT She got this as a birthday present since I was just staring and totally wanting it when we were in the shop earlier.

Yes, Rilakkuma cups!

Right after, we headed down to the coffe-shop for a drink.

But I couldn't tahan so I just ordered fries hiakhiak.
$3 though, not very cheap:/

View from coffee-shop of Holland V.

Oh look, windmill!

The slipper mates, since no other shoes to wear. LOL

Soulmate wearing my khaki jacket!

After soulmate let down her hair from the bun. And OH, MY, GOD. GORGEOUS FREAK.

Soulmate's turn to take pics!

At the mrt station when we're heading back to jurongpoint, I'M STILL MESMERIZED BY HER HAIR LOL

Sandra the model~

See where we went, The Star Vista at Buona vista! Since soulmate said she want to show me around!

And this cool japanese food market omg.

Secretly took some photos, but things there are so expensive!!:x

Then we took polaroid together~~~

Soulmate told me to walk and took a pic of me from the back haha

This pinkish wall which allows us to draw on the chalkboards! But the chalks are all gone.. LOL

Soulmate while on the phone haha

So we went home and end of story! 

Thanks for reading^^

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